Drug Crimes

Fight Your Charges With a Qualified Drug Lawyer in Raleigh, NC

Drug crimes are taken seriously and prosecuted aggressively in the state of North Carolina. Even a misdemeanor drug charge can have long-lasting consequences and limit your opportunities in life. Being arrested for a drug-related crime doesn’t mean you are guilty. You have rights to protect and there are many potential defenses that may be able to get your case dismissed or your charges reduced.  


Attorney Timothy Cain is a knowledgeable drug lawyer who represents clients in the Wake and Johnston County, NC areas. He will investigate the facts of your case to determine the most appropriate defense strategy. It’s not uncommon for overzealous police officers to make mistakes and violate suspects’ rights during drug-related arrests. Tim will ensure that your rights are protected, and your voice is heard in the courtroom.  

North Carolina Drug Laws Explained 

Drug crimes can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies, with a wide variety of penalties, depending on factors such as: 

  • The type of substance in question 
  • The amount of the illegal substance 
  • Your suspected intent  
  • Prior convictions  

Common Drug Charges:  

  • Simple possession  
  • Possession with the intent to sell  
  • Possession of paraphernalia 
  • Drug trafficking  
  • Maintaining a dwelling for drug related purposes  
  • Manufacturing or cultivating illegal substances  
  • Prescription fraud  

Classifications of Illegal Substances:  

Schedule I – LSD, heroin, and ecstasy  

Schedule II – Cocaine, opium, and methamphetamine 

Schedule III – Addictive drugs that have medical uses, such as ketamine and steroids 

Schedule IV – Prescriptions like Percocet and Xanax  

Schedule V – Prescriptions that aren’t as addictive, but still have the potential for abuse  

Schedule VI – Marijuana and cannabis-based products  

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Drug crimes are taken seriously and prosecuted aggressively in the state of North Carolina.


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