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When a couple who has children decides to get divorced, the process becomes even more complicated and emotional. We understand that every parent’s first priority is to protect their child and act in their child’s best interest. Unfortunately, parents don’t always agree on what is best for their children, and as such, may need assistance from a child custody lawyer in the Raleigh, NC area.


During your case, you may deal with the following questions:


  • Who will the child primarily live with? 
  • How will visitations be arranged?
  • How will the child be supported financially?

These are all challenging questions that can come up in a divorce case. A child custody and child support lawyer at Cain Law, PLLC can help you deal with these issues, whether that means negotiating with your ex outside of court or pursuing litigation to resolve your disputes. 

Timothy Cain is a compassionate family lawyer who understands the gravity of situations involving children. He will listen to your story, offer you honest advice, and represent you assertively to achieve a favorable outcome for your case. 

We’ll Fight to Protect Your Child’s Best Interests

Child Custody: In cases that involve abuse or one parent who is deemed unfit to care for their children, one parent can be awarded sole custody. In most cases, however, courts opt to grant joint custody to both parents. In these situations, one parent will be awarded primary custody, which means the child will primarily live with them and will be on a visitation schedule with the other parent.  


A custody lawyer can help you determine and/or negotiate an agreement that works for both parties and keeps the child’s best interests prioritized. Tim can also represent you in court if there is a dispute that cannot be resolved through negotiations.  


Child Support: Both parents are legally responsible for supporting their children financially. The custodial parent (the parent who is awarded primary custody) may request court-ordered child support payments from the non-custodial parent. The payment amount is based on the gross income of each parent, the child’s specific needs, and other related factors.  


A child support lawyer can assist you in determining an appropriate agreement whether you are requesting payments or you are being requested to pay child support.  

Schedule a Free Consultation to Discuss Your Case With a Qualified Child Support & Child Custody Attorney 

When you need honest and dependable legal advice, contact Cain Law, PLLC and discuss your situation with a custody and child support attorney. Just call (919) 896-8400 or fill out our online contact form to request your free consultation. Tim proudly serves clients in the Wake and Johnston County, NC areas. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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When a couple who has children decides to get divorced, the process becomes even more complicated and emotional.


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