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Businesses have a variety of legal needs, especially in the startup and development phase. From choosing a legal entity type to creating contracts to protect your company, there are many situations in which a business attorney’s advice can be invaluable. Cain Law, PLLC is a business law firm that works with companies across all industries in the Wake and Johnston County, NC area. Attorney Timothy Cain can advise you, assist you with contracts, and represent you in litigation when you have a business-related dispute.  

How Can a Business Attorney Help You Set Your Company Up for Success

Business Formation: When forming a business, the company’s owner(s) must choose an entity type, for example, a partnership, LLC, or S-corporation. This choice will determine the legal structure of the business and impact the way they are taxed, how they deal with liabilities, and how they can raise funds for growth.  

Contracts: Businesses use contracts for a variety of reasons; to define the responsibilities of each partner, to protect the company’s ideas from being stolen by a former employee, to outline the terms of a purchase/sale, etc. A business lawyer can draft, review, amend, and negotiate a wide variety of contracts including partnership agreements, non-compete agreements, and much more.  

Disputes & Litigation: If your business is involved in a dispute, the consequences can be costly. A business attorney can negotiate a resolution outside of court or represent you in litigation if necessary. We represent defendants and plaintiffs in a variety of business-related civil matters, including landlord-tenant disputes regarding commercial property.  

Bankruptcy Chapter 11: If your business is in debt and you want to prevent shutting down, Chapter 11 bankruptcy can allow you an opportunity to reorganize your assets, debts, and operations so that you can pay off your creditors while continuing to operate.  

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Business law is complex, and no two companies are the same. Get personalized service from a knowledgeable business law attorney by partnering with Cain Law, PLLC. Just call (919) 896-8400 or fill out our online contact form to request your free consult. 

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Businesses have a variety of legal needs, especially in the startup and development phase.

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